“Bringing the Dawn Chorus back to Whaingaroa … !”

Protect our local native species by trapping in your own backyard.

Everyone can do a little bit – and that all adds up to a whole heap of work that makes a lot of difference.

Join the Karioi trapping program for local residents and landowners and become part of an expanding network of traps covering over 2000 hectares from the mountain to the sea – by doing your bit on your own land.

  1. Join the backyard hub – and become part of a passionate team of residents and volunteers who are helping “bring the dawn chorus back”.
  2. Buy a trap – we try to provide these at discounted rates!
  3. Report your kills – caught a rat, possum or stoat? Record your results with our brand new online map.

Traps available – (note the size of your property will influence the number of traps you ideally need – were happy to help guide your set up!)

  • Victor Rat Traps $8 each
  • Tunnels for rat trap $7 each – tunnels keep birds and other animals out of your trap.
  • Haines DOC200 Stoat Traps $75 each – also good for rats, weasels, and hedgehogs.
  • Timms Possum Trap $85

Interested – register today!