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Together with our partners and local volunteers we are asking everyone to make an individual commitment to join us in the PLASTIC FREE JULY CAMPAIGN! Plastic, in many areas of the world, has become a significant and deadly part of the food chain – and this can have an impact right here on our coastal shores in Whaingaroa – Raglan.

Merren Tait and many of our wonderful volunteers are stepping up and taking on the challenge! Not only are they making a personal commitment to reduce their use of plastic – their efforts will also make a direct impact by raising funds to protect a locally threatened seabird. Grey Faced Petrel / Oi come in each year to breed along the Karioi coastline and the funds raised will go towards protecting Oi breeding habitat through the Karioi – Maunga ki te Moana project.

Will YOU be inspired to take on the CHALLENGE?

The challenge is quite simple. Attempt to consume no single-use plastic during Plastic FREE July.

For more info –

Check out Merren’s Blog and Plastic free YEAR Challenge!